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Wine is your love and passion. Your brand is your life. Preparing for success in the U.S. marketplace is a challenge and the competition is stiff. We will help you formulate strategies for success and help identify pitfalls prior to packaging and distribution. Once you are ready to export your wines, we provide logistical support, distribution solutions and plans for expediting the timeframe from a wonderful wine in barrel, to a winning brand on shelf.

And since the world of wine is changing, Globalization has opened new markets, new opportunities and new challenges for wine producers, wine importers and wine consumers. We are here to help producers strategically brand their wines for more success at point of sale. After all, great wine should have a longer and stronger life.


• Know your wine and its strengths
• Identify possible marketing weakness
• Identify potential markets
• Provide market analysis and focus
• Evaluate labeling effectiveness and help expedite the TTB / COLA process
• Formulate strategies for brand & image
• Create solid marketing support solutions for success
• Offer multiple options for bulk wine import, state-side wine aging, conditioning and bottling

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