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December 2015 update
We've recently added a fantastic
wine from

Cairdean Estate is the vision of husband and wife Edwin and Stacia Williams. After relocating from Fresno to St. Helena in 2010, Edwin and Stacia embraced their vision and created Cairdean Estate. Cairdean is Scottish Gaelic for friends, which reflects their belief that wine is meant to be shared by those held close to your heart. The Cairdean symbol is a representation of that belief with the four hearts always present and brought together in the center by friendship.

JULY 2015 update
Great news! We've recently

added an amazing new selection

A Fulcrum is the point on which an object balances. This was the name winemaker David Rossi chose for his winery when he founded it in 2005—years before the word balance became an essential element in any discussion about great New World Pinot Noir. For David, a Fulcrum represented the style of winemaking he spent years refining. It was also an ideal metaphor for his belief in leveraging the finest grapes to create balanced, complex and age-worthy Pinot Noirs.

august 2015 update
Exciting news, everyone! We've recently added a great new selection – VEEDERCREST WINES with legendary provenance.

Veedercrest has been making award winning wines since its founding in1972. It was one of the participants at the infamous Judgement of Paris. It has won significant awards at most of the major wine competition around the world. President Jimmy Carter and his White House dinner guests and Pope John Paul II during visits to America enjoyed Veedercrest wines.

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October 2015 update
We've recently added a fabulous
wine from
Washington State!

Strategic Importers is proud to introduce Kestrel wines, an artisanal wine producer from Washington State. Kestrel has some of the oldest vines in the Yakima Valley and produce Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc - all sourced from their 126 acres vineyard estate.

Kestrel has deep Florida roots. Helen and John Walker, the founders of Kestrel, were on an extended business trip in Washington and enjoyed the wine and food in the Pacific Northwest. At that time Washington was in the infancy of wine making. John Walker was a visionary who saw great promise in wine making. They bought land in the town of Prosser and started making wine. Flint Nelson became the winemaker of Kestrel.

Look for the Kestrel label which depicts a Kestrel Falcon in November 2015.
For more information about Kestrel wines, please contact Strategic Importers.

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